How BeeSeen Solutions used CollaborationRoom ( to engage with team members to drive higher levels of Communication, Performance, and Compliance


BeeSeen Solutions is a full-service Business Process Outsource provider founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have built several successful companies in the retail, call center, financial services, and technology industries.

With the workplace paradigm shift that occurred over the last year, BeeSeen Solutions was scrambling to ensure that they could keep their workforce engaged remotely so they could continue to meet the expectations of their clients. BSS felt that all of the commonly available video conferencing solutions in the market lacked important features for remote workers and managers.


BeeSeen Solutions (BSS), being a dynamic and culture centered organization, operating remotely due to the pandemic, was challenged to maintain effective communication, performance and compliance at the level that their clients were accustomed to, using traditional video conferencing platforms. They were facing problems like connectivity issues, audio/video lag, insufficient oversight to manage customer/agent communications, and concerns about compliance protocols,to name a few. Patrick Pinto, CMO for BeeSeen Solutions said “although we had a video conference application deployed, we feared it wouldn’t be as effective as we were looking for. Once we started working remotely, our concerns were validated; we were struggling to manage operations with any sense of effectiveness. We needed to make a change and do so fast.”

We needed a communication tool that would allow managers to engage with their teams, seamlessly, as if they were working in the office.

Solution Provider

TPG immediately assigned a team to partner with BSS management to help them solve their issues.

Understanding that the most pressing issue was regaining efficiency and effectiveness in a remote work environment, TPG introduced BSS to their cutting-edge engagement tool ‘CollaborationRoom,” a tool built to help engage team members to drive higher levels of performance and compliance.

TPG showed BSS how CollaborationRoom was a seamless, low bandwidth, highly interactive tool that would allow BSS management to regain their competitive advantage, even in a remote environment.

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