Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Search engine rankings are crucial to growing a business. Without rankings, a website won’t get found online and won’t gain more customers. Many businesses understand the importance of designing a beautiful website to share their products and bring in sales. But web designers and business owners often don’t understand that a website must follow a set of guidelines to ensure complete ranking opportunity. The following are a few common SEO problems with web design that we encounter at BeeSeen for new clients.


Lack of Content

Some website design companies will develop a site with stunning visuals, but it won’t include any space for descriptive content. Beautiful, high resolution images can definitely communicate a powerful message to the consumer, but they don’t impress search engine algorithms. Google and other search engine crawlers are looking for content relevant to a website’s purpose. If they can’t read any content, they won’t know where to rank the website and it won’t show up at the top of search results.

Devalued Content

Many websites feature code that organizes content into hidden sections or blurbs that appear when the user scrolls down. While these features create a dynamic, engaging website, search engines may devalue this content. Any words on a website that require user action are typically indexed as less important than content that is immediately invisible.


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