Google Search Console: The Ultimate Tool to Increase Web Traffic

The emergence of Google Search Console as a dynamic web tool has brought about a complete transformation in the way business owners, online marketers, SEO professionals, and app developers manage their websites. Not only has it provided them with an exclusive opportunity to improve and enhance their overall site management, but it has also enabled them to generate quick leads, drive instant traffic and trigger lasting conversions.

As a free online service that provides detailed and valuable information about basic website metrics, Google Search Console has come a long way since its inception in 2015. At present, it offers a vast bouquet of services including traffic data, device particulars, error sources, indexing figures and page popularity. This is why it comes as no surprise that most businesses, across various domains, have started using Google Search Console as the primary medium of advancing their web presence.
If you too want to use Google Search Console for increasing your web traffic and getting more conversions, here is a comprehensive Google Search Console guide which will help you understand the principal benefits of using Google Search Console.

Find Keywords

In the massive online space, well-placed and relevant keywords are the chief instruments that equip visitors to discover and engage with your website. One of the best things about Google Search Console is that it helps you find, identify and utilize these keywords.
The analytics bar of the Google Search Console lists all the major keywords which visitors tend to use for searching online content. It also contains other details like:

  • The total number of times that a keyword has been clicked on
  • The source from where maximum traffic for a particular keyword comes
  • A custom search console report for the last 7 to 30 days
  • Essential benchmarks like impressions, CTRs, clicks & average positions
  • The top 50 search terms related to the content of your website

By targeting the most frequently used keywords, you can easily optimize your website to rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP) and thus, attract steady and consistent traffic.

Submit Sitemap

A sitemap is essentially an XML file that carries the details of URLs and metadata, pertaining to each individual website. A well-encoded sitemap provides vital information like how a specific site is organized, what type of content is hosted by it, how often is the site updated and how crucial is a particular page as compared to other URLs on the same website.

Preparing and submitting such sitemaps for scrutiny is indeed the best way to use Google Search Console. This is because the Google Search Console crawl feature can quickly browse through your sitemap and pick up all the important information that a search engine might require. This information is then forwarded to the coffers of a search engine, thereby allowing it to intelligently crawl all sections of your website on a regular basis.

In other words, the ability of your site to be indexed and ranked at the top of the results page is greatly increased with a Google Search Console crawl at your disposal.

Check Errors

A number of times, websites are bogged down by a plethora of internal or external errors. These errors can pose difficulties in indexing, crawling, and access while hampering the overall user experience.
However, the Google Search Console error detection tool can come in quite handy in this regard. It can easily find out what is wrong with your website and inform you about corrective actions that you will need to take. This will help Google bots to scan your website efficiently and therefore, drive traffic towards it without any hassle.

Another good thing about Google Search Console is that it can also instruct the Google bots to index or skip certain pages. This can be accomplished by simply inserting a robot.txt file. Doing so will ensure that a proper inclusion or exclusion standard is set for all your indexable web pages.

Performance Feedback

One of the most significant benefits of using Google Search Console is that it permits you to determine how successful your website has been in the digital space.
You can use the Google Search Console dashboard to find out how each one of your pages has performed in terms of their usability, popularity and UX/UI. You can even get to know which specific page has drawn the maximum amount of traffic, which geographical location has this traffic originated from and which device or platform has been used by most of your site visitors.

Based on these details, you can undertake a complete overhaul of your website such that its total impressions, SERP positioning, and click-through-rates are veritably enhanced.

Verify Backlinks

The quality of backlinks that are attached to your web page is the basic tools that help search engines determine whether or not your site should be ranked higher than it currently is. This simply means that websites with good-quality backlinks are considered to have greater authority, better value, higher visibility and consequently, sizable traffic.

The best way to use Google Search Console is to employ it for gathering thorough information about these backlinks. The Google Search Console dashboard gives you the power to figure out which sites, pages, keywords or anchor texts link back to your website. You can use this data to verify all backlinks and remove the ones which offer no substantial value.
In the longer run, this would also make sure that the security and safety set up of your site is not compromised under any circumstances.

Wrapping Up

Google Search Console, as an innovative and effective service, can work wonders, especially when it comes to increasing web traffic or facilitating quicker conversions. By offering timely guidelines, essential data sets, and Web optimization services, Google Search Console can easily make your online presence much more meaningful, sustainable and user-friendly.
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