Implementing a Landing Page Strategy

Most businesses don’t serve one area exclusively. For example, many Long Island area businesses also help customers in Manhattan, New Jersey, or other surrounding communities. As an agency that specializes in marketing for small and large companies, BeeSeen Solutions is experienced in search engine optimization. This popular service allows clients to increase their rankings on search engines and drive sales growth as a result of increased visibility. Most local SEO clients with BeeSeen would like to rank at the top of search engines in multiple areas, but this is a more complicated goal that it may seem.

To help businesses achieve rankings in areas outside their address, SEO companies cannot simply change a setting or update a keyword list with those cities. Google and other search engines like to make search results as relevant as possible for users. For example, a plumber in Brooklyn is always going to show up higher in Brooklyn than in the Bronx. As Google search algorithms continue to evolve, they trend more and more toward a person’s coordinates. A person looking for restaurants isn’t going to want to travel 45 minutes when they’re starving. Location is essential to a person’s search results.

However, BeeSeen Solutions can build a landing page for each area a client serves. This service, priced in addition to SEO services, allows clients to tell search engines they also provide products and services in surrounding communities. To learn more about landing page opportunities, get in touch with BeeSeen Solutions today!