Importance of Google My Business for SEO

Much of SEO strategy is centered around a website, its content, and links to that website. These efforts are made to help a website show up at the top of search results. However, in recent years the Google algorithm has changed to offer search results outside of the traditional “Top 10” rankings. Depending on the search query, several results may appear above actual rankings that are associated with Google My Business listings. Similar to an interactive phone book, this service allows local businesses to sign up with Google and display their address, phone number, and other information. Customers can then leave reviews and post pictures to the listing.

Creation and management of a Google My Business listing is crucial to a successful SEO campaign. Many BeeSeen clients look at Google My Business as another version of Yelp or other review services. But Google My Business differs from these other services for one key reason: Google search results. If a business manages to get its listing in the top three rankings, it will show up higher than any other traditional ranking. Google started moving these listings to the top of search results because it wants to be as efficient for users as possible; if someone needs an emergency number, a number with Google My Business will appear immediately, rather than requiring a user to enter the actual website.

The New York SEO team at BeeSeen Solutions is experienced in optimizing and managing Google My Business listings. We’ll provide recommendations for improving the listing with reviews and other information, and make sure all SEO materials are in place for client success.