LinkGen Platform

LinkGen is a revolutionary process platform, configured to automatically identify and generate connection requests. The platform can locate the business professionals with the highest probability of being interested in your value proposition. LinkGen will add these appropriate targets for your marketing campaign, work to add them to your network and, then begin a customized automated Long Island LinkedIn marketing campaign.

The LinkGen Lead Generation Platform will:

  • Build connections for 30 – 45 days before beginning a sales campaign. These aren’t just any connections that can build up your network numbers – the platform LinkGen will specifically target connections based on the targeted demographic you determine is needed for your product or service.
  • Deliver up to 50 targeted LinkedIn connection requests daily, driving interaction through an auto-responder with a follow up ‘Thank You’ message to connections. An embedded “Call to Action” in that message will drive a ‘next step’ interaction. Next steps look like, including connecting with you on a LinkedIn group you are managing, or visiting your website to download a Lead Lure (i.e. an e-book, case study, blog post, webinar, etc.).
  • Because LinkGen will market only to pre-selected contacts, it will drive qualified traffic to your profile or website, allowing you to build a high-quality, targeted set of LinkedIn connections and, ideally, new clients.
  • Once the connections are built and your network has been expanded (typically 30-45 days), the LinkGen platform will send up to 250 LinkedIn messages per day with a target sales messages until all of your LinkedIn connections have received a targeted selling message. An embedded “Call to Action” in that message will drive a ‘next step’ interaction, including connecting with you on LinkedIn, or visiting your website to download a Lead Lure (i.e. an e-book, case study, blog post, webinar, etc.).
  • LinkGen can be configured to export your Connections into a .CSV file for use in your email marketing campaigns, including connections from Groups of which you are a member.

NOTE: The platform requires you to have a LinkedIn Premium Account.

The most cost effective package can be found here:

LinkGen Performance Guarantee:

LinkGen campaigns will provide an incremental lift in direct connections to the individual profile we are using for your Long Island LinkedIn marketing campaign. Not all campaigns are the same, however we guarantee our LinkGen campaign will deliver a minimum of 100 new first tier connections per month for the individual profile. If this is not reached there is no payment due for that months work.

On Average, campaigns have seen 200+ connections per month

Note, suggested minimum campaigns should run no less than 6 months however the Performance Guarantee starts on the first day of the first calendar month after the campaign starts. We consider a campaign to start after all the setup items have been completed.  All work in the first month is billable and is not considered Performance Guarantee.


The LinkedIn Profile Optimization program:

  • Presents you as a valuable asset to people looking for your services, the instant they search for those services.
  • Attracts high-quality clients.
  • Makes use of LinkedIn as a search engine. Attract more connections and drive qualified traffic to your profile through the effective use of keywords.
  • Ensures that you stand out from the crowd, and generates inquiries from the people who are looking for you based on the content and structure of your profile.
  • Provides a steady flow of profile views by improving your visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Provides a custom new graphic banner for your personal page.

We understand that with 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a powerful resource not only for building a network, but for creating targeted lead generation. Our proven Long Island LinkedIn marketing platform will boost your personal brand, bring the right connections to you, and effectively present your skills to those looking for you.