How to Marry Relevance and Volume

When BeeSeen Solutions is hired to operate a successful SEO campaign, we share a common goal with our clients—bring more traffic to the website. In theory, more traffic means more eyeballs, which means more sales. It’s a simple principle, and it’s our goal to help every client grow their business. But, the most traffic does not actually always mean the most sales! More traffic will always help, but the most, the highest number possible, can actually be deceiving.

Let’s say you are an orthodontist, you help people straighten their teeth. It might seem like a good idea to rank for “dentist,” because the term has the largest market demand. It’s the first phrase people use when there’s a problem with their teeth. However, people call dentists for root canals, for cleanings, for any major or minor problem with their teeth. And you aren’t a dentist, and you don’t offer those services. So, even though ranking for “dentist” would bring the most traffic, it would not be the best traffic.

At BeeSeen Solutions, we are committed to delivering intelligent SEO strategies, with keyword research designed to bring the best possible results. We think critically about a client’s priorities within the context of their unique industry. So, if you’re an orthodontist, we want to focus on terms that may get fewer searches, but will bring in more business overall. Sometimes in SEO, it’s about quality, not quantity.

To get started on the best SEO strategy in Long Island for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at BeeSeen Solutions.