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When you “Google” your name or the name of your business, do you see embarrassing, hurtful or damaging content in the search results?

  • Do you feel these negative search results are turning away new customers?
  • Do you feel these negative search results are preventing you from obtaining employment?
  • Do you feel these negative search results are damaging your personal or professional reputation?

BeeSeen Solutions offers three forms of online reputation management services:

  1. Search Engine Results Page Optimization
  2. Diminished “Star Ratings”
  3. Negative Reviews Management

There is Hope. There is a Solution to Negative Search Results!

At BeeSeen Solutions, we understand exactly how you feel. Every day we receive calls from good people, and ethical business owners who feel frustrated and victimized by a competitor, former employee, jealous “anonymous” troublemaker, or an ex-spouse or ex-partner. They felt Google is unjustly and unfairly promoting negative web content over other web content about them or their business that is positive, helpful, positive, or even legitimate! Their biggest (FEAR) fear is that these negative search results are costing them future job opportunities, company promotions, and a lot of new customers. Nearly every person who contacts BeeSeen Solutions regarding this complicated and highly technical problem, is worried that these negative and costly search results will forever be a “thorn in their side.” Many people have doubts or are skeptical that a company can remove or “push” down these negative web pages off Google’s first few search results pages.

However, after reading this page and after speaking with a BeeSeen Solutions’ Online Reputation Management Consultant, people suffering the consequences of harmful search results have found that their problem is a SEO problem. Therefore, our new clients are relieved to know that BeeSeen Solutions offers advanced SEO Services to “push down” negative web pages off Page 1 and “push up” existing or newly created positive web pages on to page 1 of Google. In other words, SEO will solve your “negative” search engine results problem.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google use a rating system to determine the order of web pages appearing within its search engine results page for a given search phrase. This ranking system is a mathematical formula otherwise known as a “Search Engine Algorithm.” When you conduct a “Google” search for your name or your business’ name, the keyword phrase you used is matched against competing, relevant web pages. The search engine’s algorithm then determines which order those web pages will appear in the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a service in which an SEO Expert “optimizes” their clients’ web pages so that the clients’ web pages outrank other competing web pages. These SEO services can also be employed to “push down” negative web pages by boosting up positive web pages.

The Problem with SEO and Reputation Management Companies

In any industry, finding the right provider who can produce the desired results can be difficult and financially risky. Online Reputation Management and SEO companies are no different. There are 1,000s of self-proclaimed SEO Experts making it confusing and difficult for most people to make an informed purchase decision.

To make an informed decision, you should understand:

  1. Search engine algorithms are updated 100s of times per year; and
  2. the ranking factors that make up the search engine algorithm are kept a secret to prevent SEO Experts from manipulating the search engine algorithm.

Therefore, a highly capable and competent SEO Expert will be perpetually seeking breaking SEO news, analysis, and test results. An accomplished SEO Expert will also actively participate in credible and advanced SEO communities where crowd testing and analysis is routinely performed to determine the current and most impactful algorithmic ranking factors. Also, qualified SEO Experts will regularly attend SEO seminars, webinars, and engage top SEO authorities at these events in order advance their SEO knowledge and skills.

Give Search Engines What Search Engines Want

A proficient and legitimate SEO Expert will be continuously “in touch” with the search rankings factors that matter today, tomorrow and in the future. By understanding these changes and quickly applying these changes to our clients’ web pages, these positive web pages become and remain a “priority” to the search engines and push down “negative” web pages naturally and ethically.

Another cornerstone strategy that our online reputation management services employ leverages the power of high authoritative websites. By applying our up-to-date SEO knowledge and techniques on highly authoritative websites, we can leverage the authority of these websites to push down “negative” web pages off the first page of a search engine’s results page.

At BeeSeen Solutions, we have successfully “pushed” disparaging web pages off Page 1 of search engine results pages by optimizing “positive” web content about our clients. Each of our reputation management strategies are safe, ethical and comply with each search engine’s terms of use and webmaster policies.

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Does Your Business Have Negative Reviews and/or Low “Star” Ratings?

Many search engines, business directories, review websites, complaint boards and social media websites offer a public forum in which an individual may leave a review and a star rating for a business. Unfortunately, many of these sites allow “anonymous” reviews to be posted leaving companies vulnerable to fraud, competitor attacks, and fake “anonymous” reviews designed to damage your company’s reputation and artificially diminish your company’s “star” rating.

At BeeSeen Solutions, we have successfully helped our clients ethically, effectively and safely respond to negative reviews and correct diminished “star ratings” on social media websites, search engine “maps” listings and business directories.


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