Does Social Media Help SEO?

Growing a business online isn’t simple. In addition to maintaining a website and search engine rankings, successful companies need to connect with clients across their social media channels. But, how much do all these pieces connect? Does posting more on social media help a website move upward on Google? Does a popular Twitter account mean more phone calls? The answer? It depends.

Search engine optimization isn’t a cookie cutter service, particularly with BeeSeen Solutions. We develop custom strategies for our clients, and every company has different needs for growth. So, setting up a generic Facebook and Twitter and Instagram isn’t going to work for everyone. And posting once a week or once a month on those channels isn’t going to suddenly make the phone ring.

A Facebook page is a link back to your website. Google builds some understanding of your website’s overall “reputation” through its backlinks. So, social media pages are a helpful reputation builder, but their SEO impact beyond this is minimal. It’s important to think of SEO as its own separate piece of the puzzle from social media. Both are important parts of a digital marketing strategy, but they are not dependent upon each other. So, the next time you’re considering your approach for marketing your business online, think about why these pieces matter, and how you want to use them.

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