Write Content in Your Voice, Not Google’s

If you’ve work with any decent SEO company for long enough, there will be a conversation about your website’s content. This is the driving force behind your rankings—the words used to describe your business are what Google will use to determine your relevance to users. So, when content is being developed for a new or existing website, people often ask our SEO company how it should be written. The answer to this question may be more obvious than it seems—write content that will impress website visitors.

The words on a website are your business identity. If you try to morph and pigeonhole your identity into what you think Google likes, then you don’t have any identity. Over the years, Google’s algorithm has become increasingly complex, to the point where it can mimic human thought. When content is poorly written or stuffed with keywords, users are not compelled to revisit your website. But when a website’s content enthralls and communicates effectively, users are going to spend lots of time engaging with your business. Google is aware of these factors, and has developed its algorithms accordingly.

Google pays attention to user behavior on websites. When more people visit a site and stay on it, rankings move upwards. This premise should be the bedrock of your website—write well, see results. An experienced Long Island SEO company like BeeSeen Solutions will make small changes to your content to help Google understand your business. Meanwhile, you should focus more on that content’s quality and impact. An interested customer will find your site, read your words, and decide to purchase.

If you think it’s time to have a qualified SEO company take a look at your website’s copy, please reach out to the team at BeeSeen Solutions.