Arianna Skincare Selects BeeSeen Solutions as their Digital Marketing Agency

The premier provider of digital solutions, BeeSeen Solutions is excited to announce that they have signed the prestigious, Arianna Skincare as a new SEO client.

Arianna Skincare is an innovative skincare line based on the healing powers of Dead Sea minerals. They have stores located in SoHo,NY; West Village,NY; Marthas Vineyard, MA; Newport, RI; and Burlington,MA; with an Online shop at Their all natural line of products ranges from ultra exfoliating body treatments and skin renewal facial peels, to after shave recovery balm and cupcake bath bombs.However, what makes Arianna truly stand out is their inspirational story and passion to have everyone who steps in their door leave feeling great about themselves and motivated to live a healthy and happy life.

CEO and founder of Arianna Skincare, Miri Torres, was inspired to create an all-natural, anti-aging skincare line after her struggle with Lymphoma cancer. While she was going through treatment, she could not find any skincare products that were both natural and gentle to her skin and weakened immune system, and also effective. While researching a solution, she found Dead Sea salt to be the answer. After making a full recovery, Miri proudly launched her skincare line, named after her doctor, Arianna. Today, the yare a preeminent source for all-natural skincare products, free of any harmful parabens, phthalates, synthetic alcohols, artificial dyes and preservatives.

“You don’t get to pick what life throws at you, but you can choose how to handle it. I choose to live and live well. Stage 4B Lymphoma cancer was only the beginning of my journey, a tough journey in which I gathered happiness, strength and self-love. Remember, your lowest point turned upside down could be your personal Mount Everest. You can move mountains, it only takes persistence and faith. It’s something we all have within. My advice to you is don’t lose your youthful spirit. If you stumble, kick the rocks beneath your feet and go on. If you feel unattractive, break the mirror and look within. It’s that simple! Choose the life you want and go after it. Never give up.”(Miri Torres – CEO & Founder Arianna Skincare)

BeeSeen Solutions is a full service digital marketing agency located in Long Island, New York. They were founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs who have helped transform start-up’s into multi-million dollar companies both locally and nationally. After learning of Arianna Skincares inspiring story, and seeing the amazing benefits of the products themselves, BeeSeen Solutions knew that they had to help spread Arianna’s powerful message and help their company expand. Their results-driven and client-focused team has worked side-by-side with Arianna to help reach all of their goals. To learn more about BeeSeen Solutions and their services, visit

“Our team could not be any more proud to have launched a partnership with the global brand of Arianna Skincare.   To work with Miri and the experts within the organization is such a pleasure. The passion and desire Miri shows on a day in and day out basis is nothing short of an inspiration. We are committed to helping drive the brand and digital presence for Arianna Skincare at every level.” ( Thomas J Vito – CSO BeeSeen Solutions)


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