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Through our partnership with Emmy® Award-winning Sirk Productions, we offer a wide range of production services designed to put your product or service in the best possible light. Sirk has over 25 years of experience shooting live events, films, television show, commercials and social media content. We utilize our 5,000 sq ft studio in midtown Manhattan with full lighting, grip and camera gear.

We have been acknowledged for award-winning performance, strong understanding of the customer experience, and an overall record in driving superior results. With a core philosophy of being Large Enough to Serve, Yet Small Enough to Care, clients can have access to decision makers while leveraging a global platform.

Brand Video Production

A brand video orients your company in the world of potential customers. It can have a dramatic impact on their buying decisions. A short two-minute video can communicate what makes your company unique, feature employees and/or leadership, and explain your company’s vision and values. A brand video personalizes your company and shows customers that it is alive with a personality, whether that be sincere or irreverent, playful or funny. Above all, it must show that there is an essential reason for your company’s existence.

Product Videos

There’s an enormous investment behind every new product or service. Research and development. Testing. Allocation of media dollars. And this investment entirely depends on the proper introduction to the market. It is a fact that consumers find demonstration videos helpful when making purchasing decisions. This is especially true for new products where it is important to show how the product provides a solution to a problem. Ultimately, the type of video you choose will depend on the product, your company, the story you want to tell, and the audience you are trying to reach.

Training Video Production

Your company has made new hires. Now is the time to provide optimal training and communicate the company culture. There’s a reason more and more companies are turning to training videos in place of employee handbooks: research has demonstrated that 75% of employees are more likely to watch videos than read text. Video is also more cost effective than putting on live training. Properly done, training videos give new and existing employees the best chance for success.

Client Testimonial Video Production

Do you have satisfied and loyal customers? Then why not put them to work for you! It’s a fact that customer testimonials are taken very seriously by potential new customers. This should not be a surprise. We all want to know someone’s else’s experience with a product or service before we hand over our own money. There’s an advantage to real people sharing real experiences over other kinds of promotion; there’s no doubt about authenticity. That’s why customer testimonials are one of the top performing ways to sell your product or service.

Digital and Television Commercial Production

TV commercials have not gone away. They’ve merely changed shape and moved to the internet. Whether it’s paid advertisements or sponsored content, the formats are compressed. This means that every shot and every second counts. You’ve only got one short chance to gain attention before the audience decides to scroll. It takes planning, pre-production work, and creativity to capture today’s short attention spans. But the good news is that when done successfully the sky’s the limit for gaining attention to your product or service.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics and animation are a great way to cost-effectively enhance any story you are trying to tell. The only limit is truly the imagination. Unlike live-action video, motion graphics and animation can take the audience anywhere and give them any kind of visual experience. That’s a powerful tool to add to your promotion or technical explanation tool kit.

Event Video Production

Our team produced over 300 events in 2022 alone. We strive to create a truly unique and memorable experience. We deliver creative and technical ideas to ensure your event stands out and makes an impact. We design stage layouts and design acoustics to ensure optimal communications.

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