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At BeeSeen Solutions, we work with clients across diverse industries to help create their brand and voice on how they want to be heard. We develop customized content that will engage a client’s audience to showcase them as the subject matter experts they are.

In business and life, we get one first impression. Communicating a clear message while showcasing company culture and voice is a foundation for success.

We create SEO-friendly and optimized content to provide clients with a maximized return on investment.

Live Event Production

Our team produced over 300 events in 2022 alone. We strive to create a truly unique and memorable experience. We deliver creative and technical ideas to ensure your event stands out and makes an impact. We design stage layouts and design acoustics to ensure optimal communications.

  1. Corporate Events
  2. Virtual Meetings
  3. Keynote Speeches
  4. Trade Shows & Conventions
  5. Multi-Cam Live Streaming
  6. LED Walls & Projection Mapping
  7. Equipment Rentals
  8. Union & Non-Union Capabilities

Training Video Production

Your company has made new hires. Now is the time to provide optimal training and communicate the company culture. There’s a reason more and more companies are turning to training videos in place of employee handbooks: research has demonstrated that 75% of employees are more likely to watch videos than read text. Video is also more cost effective than putting on live training. Properly done, training videos give new and existing employees the best chance for success.

Don’t underestimate the power of the visual medium to train employees or customers more efficiently.    BeeSeen Solutions works with your team to design and script the perfect video for your needs.

  1. Product Assembly Video
  2. Corporate Policy Video
  3. Customer Safety Video
  4. Mission Statement Video
  5. Whiteboard Videos
  6. Animated How-To Video

Client Testimonial Videos

Do you have satisfied and loyal customers? Then why not put them to work for you! It’s a fact that customer testimonials are taken very seriously by potential new customers. This should not be a surprise. We all want to know someone’s else’s experience with a product or service before we hand over our own money. There’s an advantage to real people sharing real experiences over other kinds of promotion; there’s no doubt about authenticity. That’s why customer testimonials are one of the top performing ways to sell your product or service.

Testimonial videos can be utilized in dozens of ways from LinkedIn to e-commerce to tradeshows and can only make your brand stronger.

  1. LinkedIn Testimonials
  2. B2B Presentations
  3. Live or Virtual Production
  4. Branded Graphics