Avoid These Common SEO Scams!

The digital marketing industry is full of companies that make big claims and big criticisms. Sometimes these promises can be genuine, such as the BeeSeen Solutions ranking guarantee, while other claims are simply a lure to make businesses spend thousands of dollars on nothing. At BeeSeen Solutions, we believe businesses should work with companies that deliver results.

These are a few common red flags in the SEO industry that a company is Black Hat and bad for Google:

“You have terrible links!” There is always lots of buzz in the SEO industry around links. At BeeSeen Solutions, we are here to tell you that links are not a cure-all for a website with unclear content. If an SEO company focuses a swath of linkbuilding promises, they are either selling Black Hat linkbuilding (which will get a blacklisted) or they aren’t offering a full solution. Neither are good for a website.

“Here’s a 50 page report” While it might seem initially impressive that an SEO company sent over a long, detailed analysis of your site’s online presence, it’s not actually helpful. This is because these companies want to bog you down in a ton of small, irrelevant details. They don’t want to share the real story, the parts of a company website that actually need improvement to boost rankings.

“If you don’t hire us you will forever live in obscurity” Many SEO companies use scare tactics to try and frighten business owners into signing up for services. While it’s important to develop a digital presence for any business, SEO companies that use dramatic language and over-the-top proclamations of doom probably aren’t trying to work on a solution. They’re just trying to get as many clients as possible.

At BeeSeen Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering White Hat SEO services and an industry-leading ranking guarantee.