BeeSeen Onboarding

So you’ve decided to sign up for SEO services. Yay! We are always excited to work with our clients, who come from every background and industry. When you sign up for Long Island SEO services with BeeSeen, we want to establish a clear line of communication from the beginning of any campaign. If we receive initial information in a timely manner, we can deliver the best possible results on search engines and beyond. Here’s some of the information we’ll ask for and why it’s important:

Website Access: We can’t emphasize this one enough. SEO is most effective when we have an opportunity to work with all the content on a website, including title tags, descriptions, and on-page content. But gathering logins, the correct level of access, and minimal technical issues can be trickier than it sounds. Be prepared to have these pieces for these, and we’ll help you shine.

Keyword Priorities: What do you want to rank for? This might not be as straightforward as it sounds. A phrase used by industry experts might not be the same term used by laymen on search engines. Consider all factors when sharing keyword priorities with our team, it will facilitate more effective research.

Google Analytics Access: A website with improved rankings will ideally bring in more users. More users mean more sales. Our team needs Google Analytics access to monitor traffic results and work with you on solutions throughout the campaign.

In addition to these pieces, we’ll ask for some other information like Google My Business or location targeting to make sure the entire campaign is designed around your success. But if there’s any delay in our receipt of this information, it makes it harder to get the campaign rolling.

For leading Long Island SEO services with a keyword guarantee, reach out to BeeSeen Solutions!