Why Better Content = Better Search Engine Rankings

BeeSeen Solutions works with dozens of hardworking business owners who have earned a solid reputation within their respective industries. Our Long Island digital marketing clients have a clear understanding of their services and products—the trouble is communicating that message to the public. Business websites are designed to connect with existing and potential customers. They inevitably have text that describes different elements of the organization, from services to employee profiles to contact information. But if that text is unclear, it’s not serving any direct purpose.  

Websites need content that is:

  • Easy to understand: Many industries are rife with jargon that is clear to people within the trade, but unclear to people trying to find services. A slew of hyper-specific phrases will fail to attract a wide audience from Google.
  • Direct: Saying, “we offer the best services with the best experience,” is great, but what services? Without clearly saying who you are and what you do, Google cannot rank your website.
  • Engaging: This one is less about the Google algorithm, and more about content’s inherent value. Always try to use correct grammar and punctuation, because even if your website’s content ranks well, it needs to read well for the people who find it.

Google is only as good as the text it crawls. The SEO content specialists at BeeSeen Solutions in Long Island are experienced in evaluating and updating website’s content to be more search engine friendly. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!