Is blogging right for my business?

Many businesses feel it’s important to keep customers informed and updated with regular blog posts. At BeeSeen Solutions, we offer quality blogging services that align with a company’s overall content marketing strategy. Our writers are experts in crafting quality information about products and services that both engages on-going clients and delivers new leads.

But deciding whether blogging is right for your business at this time isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. As a Long Island SEO company, BeeSeen Solutions looks at a few elements of a company and its website to make sure that blogging can deliver value.

How Many Pages? Businesses need a website that thoroughly represents their services. From an SEO perspective, that means dedicating a unique page to each core service offering. If a plumber wants to increase calls for air conditioning installations, but doesn’t have a specific page talking about them, it’s better to devote content writing to that service page before investing in a blog.

CMS? The internal structure of a website can sometimes determine whether a blog is possible. BeeSeen Solutions designs and develops websites in the WordPress platform, which has a blog feature embedded. But other website platforms, particularly custom formats, might not include blogging features. When clients need to build a space for a blog in a website outside of WordPress, they typically will need to contact the original site designer.

Direction? When businesses enter a blog without some sense of brand or direction, they aren’t communicating with the public. They’re just tossing words into the ether. Collaborate with the team at BeeSeen Solutions about your messaging. Give us an idea of your priorities, share your passion for offering an amazing product or service, and we’ll take it from there.

Get started on your content journey with the capable and professional team at BeeSeen Solutions. We’re available to chat any time during business hours: (631) 777-8811.