Boosting SEO for Mobile Searches

Around 60 percent of searches globally now take place on a smartphone or tablet. This is a huge part of the market for any business with a website, and definitely impacts our SEO strategy for clients at BeeSeen Solutions. A few of the factors we consider when working with SEO for a website include:

Website Speed

Google recently starting favoring websites with faster mobile load speeds. If your website is bogged down with large photos and unnecessary code, it’s likely going to show up below competitors. BeeSeen Solutions can complete a mobile website speed test to determine if this is impacting your rankings.

Google My Business

A phone screen is smaller than a desktop screen. When people complete a search on their phone, the first results they will see are ads, followed by Google My Business listings. It’s important to ensure a Google My Business listing is optimized for complete SEO potential. If a website ranks with traditional rankings, but not Google My Business, users may need to scroll more to find it.

Content Length

A smaller screen means more scrolling. Google aims to provide the best user experience, which means it doesn’t want users drowning in thousands of words of copy when they entire a website. Some content (on every page) is very important for SEO, but too much can actually impact mobile experience and affect rankings.

To get an assessment on your website’s complete SEO potential, for both mobile and desktop search, get in touch with BeeSeen Solutions on Long Island.