Helping Clients Add Headcount without Headaches

Organizations of all sizes continue to deal with challenges from rising costs when it comes to adding and retaining talent to support their day-to-day process. Apart from the fact that businesses must develop a competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve, the need to be delivering a positive customer experience has become a foundation for the current and future success of any size company. Without a doubt, the pressure for organizations across industry verticals is constant, and with the advancement in technology and automation, being supported with the right talent has never been more front and center. is a business unit of the highly acclaimed digital agency and strategic advisory company, BeeSeen Solutions. It primarily provides staffing augmentation and outsourcing solutions to clients across the country. It is armed with BeeSeen’s expertise and a full suite of services in digital marketing, target lead generation and providing nextgen technologies. The firm also has over 25 years of experience working with clients of all sizes to support outsourcing, call center services, consulting, sales and marketing and business development. showcases a global footprint supported by experienced professionals who operate as an extension of its clients’ internal teams.

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, with a global footprint, takes a nextgen approach that partners can take advantage of to ensure their access to the right workforce is always available. With a continued commitment to its clients and prospective partners, its team continues to look for creative and out-of-the-box strategies that help reduce operating costs, drive the highest levels of efficiency and ensure a positive experience at each turn.

With the team having over 25 years of experience, it comes as no surprise that continues to be a go-to resource that partners can count on. As a matter of fact, its team of highly recognized professionals has been acknowledged for its award-winning performance, strong understanding of the importance of customer experience, and overall proven track record. Furthermore, by providing brilliant and customized digital solutions, this innovative and collaborative team offers not only solutions but also a holistically satisfying experience for its customers across the industry.

“Through our extensive business careers, we have always taken an approach and belief in being large enough to serve but small enough to care for all our clients and relationships. We understand they need to be able to hire with confidence and partner with a team that can execute while operating as an extension of their internal teams,” stated Paul Vallario, President.

Aside from improving internal operations, also enhances products and services through BeeSeen Solutions and its full suite of digital offerings. Having been recognized for delivering success across the country, BeeSeen utilizes a customized approach that helps its clients focus on their core competencies while assisting them in developing a flexible disposition in an ever-changing environment. In this way, the company arms its clients with the tools they need to launch themselves to greater heights and prepare them for the rainy days.

“We leverage our expertise through industry-specific knowledge tied to a proven track record in performance. This allows our partners to run leaner operations, supported with an ease of doing business while being an extension of our clients’ teams. Most importantly, helping them transform into entities that provide a positive customer experience while helping empower their internal team members,” said Co-Founder Peter Pinto.

Currently, BeeSeen Solutions and are collaborating with decision-makers in the healthcare industry and those looking to outsource positions in Revenue Cycle Management such as A/R Follow Up, Claims Denials, Insurance Receivable Management Clean Up, Collections, and Billing & Coding. Along with this offering to all its partners the ability to leverage experienced, multilingual and highly educated professionals to support a full site of IT development and software development outsourcing services. Over time it plans to continue expanding its offerings through their diverse experience for clients across industry verticals. With over 25 years of industry expertise, it aims to help partners be able to hire with confidence and allow them to focus on what they do best while never compromising the importance of the customer experience.

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