ARC Management Group undergoes a complete transformation and acquires high-profile clients with the help of BeeSeen Solutions.


ARC Management Group is a Veteran-Owned-And-Operated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Provider that originally started as a traditional debt collection agency. The company did not have consistent new sales opportunities and wanted to expand and diversify its client base. Its nonperforming, non-mobile website did not showcase the company as a national solutions provider. Cold calling and traditional sales prospecting to grow the business did not lead to the kind of exposure and clients the company sought in order to increase and diversify revenues.

ARC Management Group needed help from experts who understood how to effectively reposition and relaunch a brand in a way that could effectively drive business and opportunities.

We were blown away by the opportunities we have seen through engaging with the digital experts at BeeSeen Solutions.

Solution Provider

BeeSeen Solutions helped ARC Management Group rebrand itself from a national collection agency to a Veteran-Owned-And-Operated BPO Provider. Via consultations and strategy sessions, BeeSeen showed ARC different ways to develop, expand, and present its current offerings and services in order to increase revenue. BeeSeen Solutions also guided ARC to understand how to obtain relationships that helped the company transition to a BPO Provider while still maintaining its core services.

The rebranding involved BeeSeen Solutions establishing a fresh online presence for ARC with a newly developed mobile-friendly and secure website that represented the company and its offerings properly. Included in this was a successful launch, hosting services, and the development of an outbound marketing campaign by using intelligent automation and managing ARC’s online reviews.

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