Executives, frustrated with the high cost of fractional ownership, the limited charter jet options in the marketplace, and the gimmicky memberships of most private aviation companies, founded a publicly traded private luxury aviation company. Unlike fractional ownership and other membership programs that primarily benefit aircraft owners, they created a luxury aviation company focused on serving its clients. Their goal was to secure the best aircraft at the best value, providing custom lead gen and digital marketing solutions.

They offer the most flexibility in the marketplace by giving clients the option to change their aircraft for specific needs for each individual flight. They travel globally providing clients a comfort and confidence to know when using their services the client’s peace of mind along with experience is top priority.


  1. The Fractional Aviation Industry is highly competitive with companies ranging across a number of areas.
  2. The Luxury Aviation Company competes with what are the largest players in their industry which control a majority of the market
  3. Companies like NetJets in 2023 completed the largest transaction to date through their contract with Textron Aviation for up to 1,500 Cessna Citation business jets.
  4. The new client acquisition was starting to slow and become a longer sale process than what the Luxury Aviation Company had experienced since its launch.
  5. Sales started to suffer and caused a review of their marketing and new business development efforts to see where lost opportunities were.
  6. The traditional business development strategies were not as effective as they once were due to the flood of competitors to the market.



  1. After consulting with the digital experts at BeeSeen Solutions and engaging in a strategic meeting, they developed a customized target lead generation and marketing program.
  2. The Target Lead Gen Strategy helped open new client opportunities and conversations with prospects the Luxury Aviation Company was not able to connect with prior to engaging with Beeseen.
  3. Customized Strategies were designed around the exact target market and demographic of the client base the Luxury Aviation Company was and is looking to provide service to.
  4. Messaging and Branding was developed to ensure new clients were made aware of special offerings, destinations available and how to book with ease through a concierge.
  5. Nurturing programs were created parallel to help the Luxury Aviation Company stay top of mind with their existing client and prospect base.


Business Outcomes

  • The Luxury Aviation Company and BeeSeen Solutions continue to thrive through their digital and target lead generation partnership.
  • This program yielded record sales within the first 12 months of implementation.
  • Furthermore, sales have consistently increased quarter over quarter, demonstrating the sustainability of the digital strategies.
  • The Target Lead Gen strategy expanded the Luxury Aviation Company’s prospective client base by over 15,000 professionals, who are now aware of their services. This number continues to grow through the customized approach.
  • Additionally, the Luxury Aviation Company is expanding its service offerings and access to private fleets capable of global travel.
  • Consequently, the Luxury Aviation Company has increased its market share within the industry and continues to climb the ranks against its fierce competition.


The collaborative partnership between BeeSeen and the Luxury Aviation Company has consistently showcased success year after year. Consequently, the Luxury Aviation Company has expanded its market share and increased its visibility to prospective clients without needing to significantly grow its sales team. Moreover, BeeSeen has demonstrated additional value by providing success in areas such as.
video production, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and even access to its global delivery centers to support customer experience. The success of the target lead gen strategies has exceeded the expectations of the client while allowing them insight into next generation offerings they did not utilize before developing it’s successful partnership with BeeSeen.

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