Champion Elevator Corp., a leading independent elevator maintenance and repair company, partnered with BeeSeen Solutions to help increase its new business opportunities through a customized Target Lead Generation and Digital
Strategy. The Champion Team was looking for next generation strategies to help create new business opportunities across diverse industry verticals. They had limited experience and success utilizing a digital approach. Through a partnership with BeeSeen Solutions, they have been able to acquire new clients, significantly speed up sales cycles and generate new revenues and relationships.


Champion Elevator faced several key challenges in targeting and generating quality leads:

  • A limited digital footprint: Despite a robust offline reputation, Champion Elevator’s online brand and social strategies were not performing to the levels they were striving for.
  • Limited Visibility: Despite being a leader in their space and respected organization, The Champion Team needed direction and strategy on how to effectively be positioned to their target markets.
  • Poor Performing Lead Generation: They needed a systematic process to target, attract, and engage high-quality (HQLs) and sales-qualified (SQLs) leads on LinkedIn.
  •  Appointment Setting: Developing productive discussions with their target markets and leads was a challenge for the Champion Team. A lack of streamlined appointment setting was showcased in missed new business
  • Low Conversion Rates: There was a low conversion rate from High-Quality Leads (HQLs) to Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs), indicating inefficiencies in the appointment-setting and follow-up processes.


BeeSeen Solutions implemented a customized Target Lead Generation strategy, and coaching and consulting approach that operates as an extension of the Champion Team.

  1.  Social Profile Optimization: BeeSeen helped Redesign and optimize the Champion Elevator’s social profile, ensuring it effectively conveyed its brand story, services, and value proposition. BeeSeen Solutions optimized the profile through proprietary and custom strategies to help reach their target audiences. This resulted in increased visibility, rankings and being found in the relevant markets the Champion Team was looking to connect with.
  2. Targeted Content Strategy: BeeSeen formulated a content strategy that established The Champion Team and Brand as a thought leader in their industry. Developing engaging content, showcasing the tremendous experience, an providing a consultative strategy the success started to snowball.
  3. Targeted Lead Generation: Through the LinkGen Solutions platform supported by our digital experts, BeeSeen
    implemented a strategy to identify and engage HQLs and SQLs.
  4. Appointment Setting: BeeSeen Solutions developed a systematic appointment-setting process. They engaged with leads and arranged discussions with The Champion Sales Team through a qualified appointment approach and supporting the team as an extension they can count on.

Business Outcomes

The Target Lead Generation and Digital Strategies provided by BeeSeen resulted in the following:

  • Significantly improved branding: The customized strategies have greatly enhanced Champion Elevator’s online presence, accurately reflecting its market leadership and service quality. The profile exudes trust and thought leadership, placing Champion Elevator at the pinnacle of the industry.
  • Increased Lead Generation: The targeted lead generation strategy has boosted the number of HQLs and SQLs,
    significantly increasing business opportunities. The sales team has a steady flow of qualified leads to help boost
    the company’s revenue.
  • Closed Deals with Large Organizations: The outcome of the continued efforts has resulted in closed deals and
    contracts with groups such as but not limited to, The New Jersey Transit Authority, University of Pennsylvania, and Rutgers University.
  • Streamlined Appointment Setting: The customized appointment-setting strategy has helped increase the new sales opportunities, helped provide efficiency to the Champion Sales Team and provide a qualified pipeline of
    new business opportunities the company could not connect with prior to working with the BeeSeen Team.
  • As a result, Champion Elevator saw an overall client base and revenue growth.


The Target Lead Generation and Digital services provided by BeeSeen Solutions continues to showcase success and help transform The Champion Sales team business development efforts. The customized strategies, coaching and consulting sessions along with the qualified appointments coordinated has helped the organization reach new record sales revenues along with develop a consistent pipeline of new business opportunities.

The partnership with BeeSeen Solution spans several years and has no signs of slowing down. The Champion Sales team is continuing to expand its services with our digital experts. New Business opportunities are being created on a regular basis.

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