Eustis Brewery Project is a Florida-based brewing company that produces a range of beers. The company sought a logo design that would capture the essence of its brand and create a strong visual identity that would resonate with consumers. BeeSeen Solutions was tasked with creating a logo design that aligned with the company’s vision and values and help propel the start-up brand as a recognizable household name with the beverage consumers

Eustis Brewery Project is a sub-brand of Total Beverage Co. and a novel idea for crafting world-class beer with international collaborations. The establishment is headquartered in Eustis, Florida, and embodies the flavor and culture of the Sunshine State.


The EBP team wanted a contemporary logo reflecting Florida’s essence. They wanted the logo to be a global emblem, conveying the identity of the company and adaptable to various channels for marketing and communication and printing and branding merchandise. The logo needed to embody the brand values and convey EBP as a global beer and beverage industry leader.

The Design team conducted in-depth research to gain an understanding of EBP, its values, and its target audience.


Designing a logo requires a creative, thoughtful, and detail-oriented approach. The BeeSeen Solutions team adopted a systematic approach to creating a logo that depicted global positioning with a clear brand identity, which satisfied the requirements of the EBP stakeholders.

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