Healthcare Conglomerate

Website traffic increased by 4,000 visitors/month

UHS is the largest healthcare conglomerate in the Southern-Tier region of New York. We were tasked with two primary goals being: (1) outrank their primary competitor Lourdes who had a stronger search-based presence. (2) Expand their presence from two base locations to a larger geographical region including over ten cities.

Within two months UHS overtook the #1 spot on Google for their primary target keyword (Binghamton hospital). Currently UHS now populates the first 5 rankings (#1 – #5). Over the course of two years, the volume of active search engine rankings moved up from 100 to over 500. Search rankings were capture for over 12 cities and counties ranging over a 100 mile radius and crossing state lines. Search-based traffic increased by 4,000 unique visitors per month with an estimated revenue increase of $3 million/year in new patient relations.