A national Third-Party provider of financial solutions to accounts receivable departments for healthcare organizations having over 30 years of experience with a focus on delivering best in class services. Managing over 500,000 of their client’s insurance accounts (Commercial, Managed Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Replacement Plans) on a monthly basis with a commitment to excellence, during and post COVID-19 struggled with finding talented professionals to staff inventories properly. Through a continued partnership with BeeSeen Solutions they developed a global presence and now are able to offer a full suite of right shoring strategies while continuing to be a top tier performer gaining additional market share and new business opportunities.


The Main Challenges Faced:

  1. Inability to find and source experienced talent to handle RCM support services.
  2. As a Premier Provider in their industry, they solely focused on an onshore strategy limiting their talent sourcing access.
  3. Due to increased inflationary costs to operate staffing costs became difficult to support while maintaining margins and operating efficiencies.
  4. With staff forced to remote environments the organization needed to completely adjust their business strategies and internal cost structures
  5. The increase in inventory levels and need to perform put added pressure on the organization to deliver success while maintaining profitability.


Through a partnership with BeeSeen Solutions an offshore strategy was developed utilizing our global footprint of delivery centers

  1. Strategy sessions allowed for the successful roll out of dedicated offshore teams operating as a pure extension of the Third-Party Providers internal groups.
  2. Successful sourcing and recruitment of experienced RCM professionals were spun up in a matter of weeks, that would have taken months onshore.
  3. Assisting in delivering a comforting message to clients and ensuring data is secure at all times, teams were rolled out for Hospital and Physician Billing projects.
  4. The success of the strategy assisted the provider in gaining additional market share and the ability to scale without the heavy costs of staffing onshore.
  5. The Provider now can offer its clients a total solution of right shoring to allow for a flexibility to handle more volume, diversified portfolios while having access to limitless talent.

Business Outcomes

  • BeeSeen and the Third-Party Provider continue to enjoy a successful partnership together that is ever-evolving.
  • The Third-Party Provider now has the ability to offer its clients options for staff support and outsourcing it did not have prior to partnering with BeeSeen
  • The Third-Party provider has gained additional market share from existing clients and has been awarded new contracts.
  • Increased Profitability for the Third-Party Provider has allowed it to reinvest into next-generation technologies, compliance, and training to support future growth.
  • Increased revenue and cash for the Third-Party Providers clients, resulting in a pure win for all parties.
  • BeeSeen operates as a pure extension of the Third-Party Provider
  • The partnership has grown to BeeSeen supporting north of 50 dedicated RCM professionals with room for growth.



The Collaboration between BeeSeen and the Third-Party Provider successfully launched an offshore strategy that is ever evolving. Through proactive and strategic communication, the partnership continues to experience growth in all areas. With a focus on transparency and innovation the success of the relationship is showcased as a testament to the dedication and commitment to both teams.

BeeSeen Solutions has consistently worked with partners to deliver next generation offerings and cutting-edge strategies. With a sincere desire to deliver best-in-class services and provide access to its global footprint of professionals we continue to focus on being a resource all relationships can count on.

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