A full-service HVAC staffing, outsourcing, and construction company has been in business for over 75 years, recognized for its commitment to value-based service, installations, and innovative mechanical solutions. The organization serves over 10,000 active clients, has completed 51,000 installations, and maintains more than 3,000 active service contracts. Additionally, it delivers a 24/7/365 service and repair model. With clients across the Metro New York and Tri-State area, the organization is a premier provider within its industry and is highly respected nationwide for its best-in-class support and service operations.


The Main Challenges Faced:

  1. Due to rising inflationary costs to operate the company struggled to find support staff to handle its billing, contract and customer servicing needs.
  2. The costs of operating within its locations put added pressure on maintaining the ability to service its customer base properly.
  3. The continued struggle in retaining and finding support teams created a backlog in its billing and receivables.
  4. The ability to support a 24/7/365 schedule became stressed with added pressure for internal teams to work tirelessly and provide best in class service which the organization prides itself on.
  5. The inability to hire with confidence put added strain on the company.


Developing a strategic staffing and outsourcing model with BeeSeen Solutions provided the company with access to a global team of support professionals who value their positions and help provide a 24/7/365 service while saving the company significantly

  1. Through extensive strategy sessions and planning a support team was sourced and selected within less than 2 weeks.
  2. An online training program was developed to assist offshore representatives to gain access to knowledge-based data allowing them to successfully service accounts.
  3. The dedicated team of professionals working as an extension have provided more than a 50% savings in payroll and operating costs.
  4. Through gaining experience of working with remote/offshore teams the company can now scale efficiently and provide its customers with a 24/7/365 service level.
  5. The significant savings have allowed the company to reinvest into new technologies and focus on continuous growth.
  6. With BeeSeen’s help, they developed automation strategies to enhance customer experience, handle larger volumes of accounts, and ensure ease of doing business. Consequently, these improvements streamlined their operations and boosted customer satisfaction.

Business Outcomes

  • BeeSeen and the company continue to enjoy a successful partnership, which is bolstered by ongoing growth opportunities. Consequently, this collaboration fosters mutual success and development.
  • The company has gained experience working with virtual and offshore teams, thereby eliminating any concerns about negatively impacting service levels or customer experience. Consequently, this expertise has ensured consistent and high-quality service delivery.
  • The Company can now scale efficiently without the stress of sourcing support teams and the heavy costs associated with onboarding employees.
  • BeeSeen operates as a pure extension of the internal teams and provides the customers with access to a 24/7/365 turnkey operation.
  • The partnership has offered access to next-generation technologies and a dedicated team of professionals giving the company a clear advantage over its competition.
  • The success of the relationship has allowed for growth of the dedicated team with an intention to continue to leverage BeeSeens global footprint.



BeeSeen and the Construction and HVAC Company successfully launched an ever-evolving offshore and digital strategy. Consequently, their collaboration continues to adapt and grow. Through proactive and transparent communication, the partnership continues experiencing success across all areas. Focusing on ongoing training (OGT) and education within the industry, coupled with developing innovative offerings, the relationship’s success showcases the dedication and commitment of both teams.

BeeSeen Solutions consistently collaborates with partners to deliver next-generation offerings and cutting-edge strategies. With a core focus on delivering best-in-class services and providing access to its global footprint of professionals, we remain steadfast as a reliable resource for all relationships. Consequently, our commitment ensures partners can always count on us

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