Property Company

41 Keywords on Page 1

Our online marketing team was engaged by a large residential real estate development company located in the Northeast to improve search engine optimization and optimize their pay per click marketing efforts.
We completed a comprehensive Website audit, identifying many page errors, missing title and description tags and lost opportunities for keyword optimization. We were asked to manage a blog for the company publishing new content 2x monthly and are pursuing an aggressive linkbuilding and content marketing campaign to compete more effectively online.
Within 12 months, the client has 41 keywords ranking in the top 10 and 87 in the top 20 of Google. Organic traffic has increased by 50% year over year.
On the PPC side, the company has a very high click through rate (between 5% and 7%) and by segmenting ads and A/B testing various ad groups, our client is achieving a markedly lower cost per click and cost per conversion.