VonKohn Search Group (VSG) is a national search firm specializing in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industries. With a focus on recruiting and talent acquisition, VSG needed to enhance its online presence to showcase its services and connect with the clients they are targeting. VSG selected BeeSeen Solutions to design and develop a cutting-edge site that showcases VSG as the premier provider they are.


The main challenges faced in this project included:

  1. A lack of Existing Online Presence: VSG had no previous website, so everything needed to be conceptualized and built from scratch.
  2. Organized Service Offerings: VSGJs services warranted a clear and concise presentation to ensure understanding and engagement from potential clients.
  3. VSG was building its brand from the ground up and needed a digital team that could execute and deliver the vision.
  4. Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC)c Ensuring the quality and functionality of the website was paramount.
  5. Ensuring a secure and high-performing site..


1. BeeSeen and its team of digital experts ran weekly strategy sessions with VSG to ensure proactive and transparent communication throughout the projects.

  • Understanding VSGJs Vision: BeeSeen Solutions worked closely with VSG to gain a deep understanding of their organization, including their vision, mission, and services. This understanding helped in creating a blueprint for the website structure and design.
  • Strategic Planning: A comprehensive plan was developed to create a website reflecting VSGJs brand and catering to its target audience. Various project management tools were used to outline the protect and notify key stakeholders of their responsibilities and updates.

2. Creating Designs

  • UI/UX Designs: User-friendly interface and experience were designed to ensure easy navigation and engagement. Every detail to enhance the user Journey was incorporated into the website.
  • Visual Aesthetics: The visual design was crafted to resonate with VSGJs brand identity and industry focus. All the graphic elements to present the content most appealingly and engagingly were created and included in the website. Comprehensive, detailed, and prototyped Figma wireframes were created to showcase the websites true form before the development phase.

3. Developing the Website

  •  Development Framework: A robust development framework was chosen to build a responsive and scalable website. BeeSeen Solutions created the website in WordPress, allowing VSG agility in creating the website and making it simpler to manage the website post-launch.
  • Content Integration:  All content provided by VSG was seamlessly integrated into the website, ensuring consistency and relevance. The design elements and the content provided by VSG were synced in cohesion to ensure an informative, appealing, and stable website.

4. Seamless Communication

  • Regular Updates and Feedback: BeeSeen Solutions maintained regular communication with VSG, providing updates and incorporating feedback to ensure alignment with VSGJs expectations. Weekly review calls and regular email exchanges ensured smooth communication and helped complete the project without unnecessary iterations and revisions.

5. QA/QC in the Build Process

  • Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the website’s  functionality, performance, and responsiveness.
  • Quality Control: Continuous quality checks were performed to maintain the highest standards throughout development. The QC team thoroughly checked every minute detail to deliver an error-free website.

Business Outcomes

  • Professional Online Presence: VSG has a professional website that effectively showcases its services and expertise.
  • Increased Engagement: The website has facilitated increased engagement with potential clients and candidates.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The cohesive design and content have strengthened VSGJs brand image in the industry.



The collaboration between BeeSeen Solutions and VonKohn Search Group successfully created a website that met and exceeded expectations. Through meticulous planning, seamless communication, innovative design, and rigorous QA/QC, a professional and engaging online presence was established for VSG. The project is a testament to the power of collaboration and quality-driven development in achieving business goals.

BeeSeen Solutions has consistently worked with clients to deliver powered solutions that help grow revenue and business. BeeSeen Solutions has carved a niche in the industry to deliver projects on time, within budget, and provide next-gen solutions through cutting-edge technology and strategies..

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