Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Human Nature

Ever think about the difference between a business suit and a band T-shirt? These outfits are intended for two completely different settings. Much like changing outfits based on our location, we also change our behavior based on work, play, or other situations. In a professional setting, we are polite and use occupational jargon. With friends, we loosen our speech and often use a lot more humor. The way we use technology also changes based on setting, and business owners need to consider when customers are using a smartphone, and when they’re on a desktop.

Around 60% of mobile searches are now completed from a mobile device. Yet many business owners “clock in” on a desktop to work on their business development. In a traditional classroom, smartphones are considered a “distraction,” for students to text their friends or browse Twitter. The classic “desk job” might ask employees to keep their phones in a drawer, encouraging them to focus on the work at their desktop. This classic separation between the “fun phone” and the “work computer” can be crucial to a successful marketing strategy.

If there are people “clocking-in” to do marketing for your company, they better be doing some of that marketing from a smartphone. The way a website looks on mobile, engages on social media, and shows up in mobile search results is an essential part of the conversion process. It’s easy for business owners to forget their smartphone if they are thinking about business development in a “formal” setting. Removing the between a “professional” desktop and a personal “smartphone” might be the answer to helping your business grow.

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