Google vs. Bing

At BeenSeen Solutions, we direct our SEO efforts primarily toward Google, which comprises 77% of all online searches. The other 33% is shared among search engines like Bing, Ask, and Yahoo. If Google changes an algorithm, our approach to SEO will follow. Because of its market dominance, Google dictates how companies write their website copy, build their website code, and develop website meta data. Below are a few comparisons between Bing and Google, and why Google has always led the search engine market.


As the world’s most popular search engine, Google has used its popularity to leverage the best data and better algorithms than other search engines. Founded in 1999, Google defined the market and continues to do so. Users enjoy Google for its smart search features, such as when users type a query and it suggests phrases to append the search.


Bing started as MSN search in 2005. While often chastised for a “2nd place reputation,” Bing still holds a notable portion of the search engine markets. If SEO services completely disregard Bing’s position, we disregard the portion of users who use Internet Explorer and Bing to look for products and services. Fortunately, much of Bing’s primary algorithm resembles Google’s—it ranks websites based on their use of keyword phrases.

Working with BeeSeen Solutions means developing an effective SEO strategy for both Google and Bing. We track a website’s first and second page Bing and Google rankings to make sure clients stay completely informed of their campaign. Give us a call to learn more about our Long Island digital marketing services!