How to Leverage LinkedIn in Your Business with LinkGen

If there is one social media platform that gets talked up in professional circles, it is LinkedIn. Time and again, statistics from marketing surveys and opinions from experts in the digital marketing field suggest that if you want to succeed in business, you need to be on LinkedIn. To quote a few of these studies:

Such impressive statistics are hard to ignore and frankly, they are part of the bigger conversation regarding the importance of reaching the right people at the right time, and the role of social media in making this happen.

Undeniably, for b2b, LinkedIn is the go-to channel for connecting, lead generation and lead nurturing. However, often, business owners don’t always know where to begin leveraging all these benefits. That’s where LinkGen comes in.

In this article, we will discuss how you can generate high quality leads with LinkGen. But before we go into that, let’s have a look at why your LinkedIn strategy isn’t working.

Why isn’t your LinkedIn strategy working?

So, you have built your profile and have connected with a lot of people, but still, the sales aren’t coming in. What could be wrong, you wonder? The answer to that question is that you aren’t making quality connections. What you need is a solution that can get you connections that matter. You need targeted connections.

In addition, no matter how effectively your product can address your customers’ pain points, you will have a hard time growing revenue and making profits if your solution remains invisible. Visibility by the right people begins with making the right connections.

These two problems are key issues that LinkGen tries to address.

How can you make the right connections with LinkGen?

In an interview with the cornerstone, a company that has benefitted from LinkGen’s lead generation capabilities, Patrick Pinto, CMO of Bee Seen, the company behind LinkGen says, “LinkGen is a solution that assists in driving the professionals’ target audience to them in an effort to open dialogue at a business level. This is not about posting articles, or photos of a personal or corporate event. The ability to leverage automation to help create opportunity and allow the individual to be even more efficient.” (Source: cornerstone support)

Besides the fact that LinkedIn provides a trustworthy platform for professionals to connect, it also serves as a search engine that can drive qualified leads to your business. Professionals who have an interest in your brand can seek you out directly and begin a conversation that could lead to profit down the line. It is these kinds of connections and conversations that LinkGen is interested in helping your business to establish.

LinkGen focusses on implementing strategies that help businesses to build targeted, high-quality leads that close. Below is LinkGen’s approach for “bringing your audience to you”:

Automating your lead generation process

Manually looking for connections can be tedious and time-consuming. In addition, you are likely to miss a lot of potential connections due to the complexity involved in sifting through multiple filters and parameters.

With LinkGen, generating connections is an automated process and this increases the probability of finding professionals who are interested in your offering. In addition, once these connections become part of your network, you can use LinkGen to run automated marketing efforts targeted at them.

Profile optimization options designed to improve your visibility

As earlier mentioned, for your business to generate quality leads on LinkedIn, it must be visible. That means, your LinkedIn business page (or profile) must be well designed and must also look professional. You can achieve the below with LinkGen’s optimizing options:

A page whose branding is consistent with your other media

A page that looks different from your website, other social media platforms or marketing material can portray your business as different personalities and inspire distrust. To ensure consistency, you need to use the same profile photo, cover image, and font. If you use any hashtags, they have to be uniform across the board.

Simplicity and relevance

Your LinkedIn page will be simple and relevant. While your LinkedIn page should contain information that will inspire prospects to reach out to you, an overload of information or too much complexity can deter visitors. Rather than have a bloated profile page, it is always better to direct clients to your website to learn more.

Search engine optimization

There is a lot of “noise” on social media and your brand could go unnoticed if you have not invested in SEO. For your profile to be found, it needs to be optimized with keywords that prospects are most likely to use when performing a search.

LinkGen uses keywords to ensure your page is found by:

  • Positioning your brand to be more visible to professionals searching for services in your industry. This leads to more connections and qualified traffic that is likely to convert
  • Creating content that ignites curiosity from prospects
  • Ensuring consistent flow of traffic to your profile
  • Creating a better profile structure
  • Customizing page elements such as your banner

Performance tracking and analytics

You can track progress and measure results with LinkGen. For instance, you can use google analytics to measure site impressions originating from LinkedIn CTAs. You can also monitor the growth of your LinkedIn connections.

How the LinkGen process works

Success on social media is never about the number of followers. To succeed, your follower base must translate into business. There is no point in having 10,000 followers if you make business from only 1000 of them. On the other hand, if you have a base of 500 followers, a high percentage of whom engage actively with your business, the odds of success are higher. More so, high-quality connections are likely to spread the word about your brand. Your connections are like ambassadors, particularly if they are satisfied customers.

LinkGen’s lead generation platform uses the following approach to generate high-quality followers:

  1. Before you start your campaign, LinkGen will focus attention on building high-quality connections for up to 3 months.
  2. To build your network, 50 connections requests are sent out every day. If your target includes LinkedIn Groups, LinkGen will scrape contacts for those groups.
  3. After expanding your network, the platform will send up to 250 targeted sales messages to your leads daily
  4. Campaigns will be targeted and customized based on the demographics you specify
  5. Calls-to-action are embedded in communication. This encourages prospects to take their interaction with you further by either connecting, visiting your website, signing up for a webinar, or downloading relevant material such as case studies or white papers.
  6. Using an autoresponder ensures that you don’t miss any important interactions.
  7. You can easily export email addresses for your connections and groups to a .csv file for your email marketing efforts


LinkedIn has approximately 600 million users and this number will continue to grow every year. It is a trusted platform among business circles, therefore instead of shying away from it, you should embrace it. The journey for you begins with going beyond using LinkedIn as a resume or for connecting with anyone and everyone who sends you a connection request. We hope that as businesses vie for attention from the same audiences, you can use LinkGen to give you the leverage you need to beat your competition.