How to Maximize SEO Performance using Automation

Why You Should Go for SEO Automation

Digital is today’s dominant medium for marketing.  Not only must any entrepreneur or small business owner be aware of digital marketing buzzwords like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also envision how SEO Strategy and SEO Automation fits their organization’s broader marketing strategy.

relevance and return them to the customer. The great SEO game is about ensuring that your business features at the top of this list, so as to increase the probability of a customer click-through.

How to Improve SEO Performance

One of the basic ways to improve SEO performance is to carry out audits of your website. This includes checking that no links on the site are broken and enabling the ideal keyword density (i.e. the number of times a searched keyword appears on your site). High density will be penalized by the search engines, while low density will not show up in the search results. Another way to improve SEO performance is to monitor the page- and keyword-rank information on search engines. This often tends to be dynamic. Similarly, monitoring competitor keywords and page ranking constitutes a good SEO strategy. A business must also keep track of the number of sites backlinking to its website.

SEO Automation

SEO performance can be drastically improved through SEO Automation. However, not all tasks falling under SEO can be automated. The tasks that can be automated are those that are repetitive or where computing power can be better used. Amongst the ones we discussed above, viz. keyword ranking, site link checking, keyword density calculation, competitor site analysis, backlink tracking and social media content monitoring are good candidates for automation. Tasks which require a human element are typically challenging to automate. Some of these are target audience selection, website content generation, project management, competitive intelligence analysis and data-based decisioning. These tasks being unstructured makes them challenging for automation.

SEO has been in use for many years now and is a critical component of any marketing plan. The right SEO strategy can go a long way in driving more traffic to websites. To further improve SEO performance and to keep ahead of the competition, it is recommended that businesses seriously start thinking about how to automate SEO for their websites.

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