Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords: Both Are Important!

Every successful SEO campaign is a gradual movement upward in search engine keyword rankings. Whenever people search for products and services on Google, a company with an effective SEO content strategy should appear at the top of the search results. The content of those search phrases is crucial to determining the customer’s behavior.

BeeSeen Solutions provides monthly reporting on keyword growth for all SEO clients. In these monthly reports, SEO clients can browse a list of keyword rankings, which displays movement upward and downward for each term. For example, a plumber in Brooklyn could see that the phrase “faucet repair Brooklyn” moved from a #6 ranking to a #3 ranking in the last 30 days. As a leading Long Island SEO company, BeeSeen Solutions prides itself on providing a monthly keyword guarantee in which a campaign must gain at least 5 new keywords and 25 upward ranking positions. This demonstrated progress is rare in the SEO industry, and it helps clients expand their digital presence.

SEO reports will most likely include a mixture of short-tail and long-tail keywords. Many clients initially think they prefer short-tail keywords, such as “Brooklyn plumber,” because more people are looking for that phrase. But a long-tail keyword is actually an excellent business opportunity. The customer who types “plumber who repairs broken Moen faucets in Brooklyn” is more likely to instantly convert into a sale. This is because customers with a specific idea of what they need don’t need to spend time shopping or considering their options.

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