Maximize the Impact of your Marketing channel Strategy

The biggest challenge for any business with an online presence is visibility with purpose and recall. The sheer volume of online traffic and marketeers attracted by the popularity and positive impact translates into a clutter of online content. Data suggests that just one minute spent on the internet translates to $283,000 spent on amazon, 167 million videos watched on TikTok, and 65,000 pictures shared on Instagram. These numbers are staggering for both users and marketers.

Today, we’d like to share a few insights to help navigate the highway of information; unclogged.

1) Target Audience Measurement

Most marketers use existing trends and data to define the online time spent by their target audience. To unearth the true potential of digital marketing strategy, analyze the quality time spent watching videos, app usage, and target audience engagement across various social media platforms and apps. Use meaningful metrics to evaluate your target audience’s size and content engagement. Online trends and evaluation tools change constantly; hence use tools available to you and you’re most comfortable.

2) Competitor Benchmarking

No strategy can bear rich fruit without paying heed to your competition. Evaluate the time and money spent by your competition across various platforms and collate them with metrics for post cadence, audience engagement and growth volume, and content performance.

3) Platform Comparison

Investigate and evaluate platform performances keeping in mind audience engagement, audience volume, competitor spending, and focus. Some platforms may emerge frontrunners while grabbing and retaining customer eyeballs, while competition focus may remain low. This is the white space that you want to target. This evaluation will also help you determine platforms with high competition focus and low audience retention, thus providing a reason to avoid them.

4) Repeat

The above three steps are pivotal to determining an effective marketing strategy. One must bear in mind that trends in the digital marketing realm change color faster than a chameleon. Hence constant evaluation will enable you to shift and adapt to changing trends in audience attention and competitor marketing strategies.

Resist the temptation to make your brand omnipresent. Understand that the use of resources needs to be optimized. Digital Focus is the most efficient fuel to successfully navigate the highways of digital marketing.