SEO is Marathon, Not a Sprint

As a leading SEO company on Long Island, BeeSeen Solutions prides itself on delivering powerful monthly results to clients. With a monthly keyword guarantee, our company is committed to helping businesses grow through meaningful search engine rankings. However, we are also realistic about the nature of search engine growth. Tools like Google weren’t designed to let users “flip a switch” and suddenly become overwhelmed with visitors. Google is intended to bring users the most relevant search results, and it is very committed to that promise (which is why it’s the #1 search engine in the world).

As a highly complex search engine, Google does not usually allow a website to “jump” from a #30 to a #1 ranking in one month. This does happen for some clients, but it is not typical. Usually search engine growth occurs over time, with a website moving upward one or two positions for a keyword each month. BeeSeen works with clients to determine the most relevant keywords to their business, and help the website appear for those phrases. But if it’s a highly competitive phrase (eg. “New York City pizza restaurant”), it’s going to take some time to move to the very top.

When we discuss SEO with clients, we usually like to communicate that the business is making a long-term investment in its overall growth. Search engine optimization for a business on Long Island or elsewhere is an excellent commitment to a business’ stability and overall success. It is not a “get rich quick,” strategy or a singular solution to every sales problem.

BeeSeen Solutions leads the SEO Industry with an effective guarantee for monthly keyword growth, and we are eager to accomplish significant results for our clients. But every website requires patience, experience, and a commitment to quality business operations.