Why SEO Software Doesn’t Work

Picture this: typing your top keywords into a software application, and then appearing for them on Google. No scouring your content for the perfect phrase, no combing through longtail rankings for user trends, no website traffic monitoring. Just better rankings, without all the hassle.

Reality check—this software does not, and cannot exist.

But some companies might try to convince you that it does. At BeeSeen Solutions, we function within the reality of search engine algorithms, and want to share why this ideal “rank it if you type it” SEO software will never happen.

  • Google is designed for the user: There’s a reason it’s the world’s most popular search engine. People flock to Google because it gives them what they want, sooner. Businesses need to prove to Google that they are what people want. This is done through tedious work with content, links, and other factors. Software cannot do these things, because it does not think like people.
  • SEO strategies differ: Every business owner has different priorities, different conversion goals, and different results. A software program cannot replicate multi-faceted marketing strategies from human experts that cover each unique need.
  • SEO takes time: Google’s algorithms are designed to move rankings slowly upward, if the site proves itself. Immediate jumps to the top of results are rare, and sometimes may indicate Black Hat SEO and other unsavory tactics.

If you’re interested in a realistic and human-oriented approach to SEO in the Long Island area, get in touch with BeeSeen Solutions. We combine experience in digital marketing with an industry-leading reporting tool to help our clients achieve excellent results.