Successful Content Marketing

As a Long Island SEO company, BeeSeen Solutions specializes in helping local area businesses increase their rankings on Google and other search engines. Many times, our clients will have websites that cover basic services, but don’t provide the information needed for more specific keyword rankings. For example, an electrician might have a page that lists all of their electrical services, such as remodeling, ceiling fan installations, or air conditioning hook-ups. But when these services are divided into specific pages, they gain more ranking potential.

While an electrician’s first priority would be a top ranking for “Long Island electrician,” many opportunities exist beyond that keyword. By creating unique pages for each electrical service, the electrician has an opportunity to gain leverage for each customer’s need. As a result, the potential customer who types in “broken ceiling fan” finds the electrician at the top of search engines, reads more information about the service, and gives them a call.

Successful content marketing is crucial to an SEO campaign because clients are more likely to hire a company for a specific need, rather than a general interest. So, while it’s great to rank for “Long Island electrician,” a portion of people who found the website for this term may not call. Meanwhile, the clients who have a specific need, such as a broken ceiling fan, will usually move more quickly and hire the first option they see.

The SEO experts at BeeSeen offer years of experience in helping businesses rise to the top of Google and other search engines. To find out more about how we can get you there with content marketing and other strategies, give us a call!