How to Tell If Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign is Well-Managed

Anyone can pay Google some money and run ads for their business. But it takes experience and skill to truly make these ads pay off. After all, if a business runs ads, but they don’t bring in sales, what’s the point? Advertising’s purest motive is driving growth. More people find out about an organization, and that organization gains more customers. There is a way to make this happen effectively with Google Adwords, and there is a way throw money into the void. At BeeSeen Solutions, we specialize in pay-per-click management services for businesses of all backgrounds and sizes. If you’re wondering whether we could make your Google Adwords campaign run more efficiently, consider the following:

Keywords: Is the price of every keyword being automatically determined by Google? We’ve found we cut back on costs by manually evaluating the price and performance of each keyword.

Schedule: When are the ads running? Is there a point to getting clicks at 3am when a business is only open from 9am to 5pm?

Conversions: These are the essential piece of determining a successful PPC campaign. If people aren’t calling a business or making orders online, something with the pay-per-click campaign isn’t working. We’ll fine-tune Adwords campaigns until businesses get the best possible results.

To find out how specifically BeeSeen Solutions can help with management for your PPC campaign in Long Island and surrounding New York communities, give us a call at (631) 777-8811.