What is Online Visibility?

Every company wants to be found first online for its services. This is why BeeSeen Solutions serves the Long Island community with SEO marketing strategies. We implement a variety of systems with content and linkbuilding to expand a website’s digital presence. Online visibility is simply how easily people can find a website online. It is an essential piece of SEO services from BeeSeen Solutions.

In monthly SEO reports, clients can review progress for keyword rankings and view their online visibility score. This is a simple score developed by BeeSeen’s SEO experts to give clients a quick glimpse into their monthly progress. Online Visibility is calculated with three factors: the number of keywords in a campaign, the position of those keywords, and in which search engine the keywords appear.

Number of Keywords

As an SEO campaign continues, the website will continue to build its keyword rankings. The more phrases for which a website is known, the more ways people can find it.

Keyword Positions

Users are more likely to click a search result on the first page of listings than one on the sixth page. As ranking positions move up on a monthly basis, so will the visibility score.

Which Search Engine

Google is, without a doubt, the most popular search engine in the world. The BeeSeen online visibility score assigns higher value to a keyword on Google than a keyword on Bing.


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