Healthcare Training & Certification

All Time High for Sales

HealthStream is the largest provider of healthcare training and certification services, facilitating tens of thousands of medical professionals. Their income model is based on B2B ecommerce, capturing online sales from major healthcare organizations.

Dissatisfied with their prior PPC manager, Healthstream was seeking a new partner to bring in additional intelligence and analytics to their Google AdWords campaign. With a target budget exceeding $200,000 annually, we were asked to (1) Manage an optimized, efficient AdWords campaign and (2) integrate sales lead tracking capabilities to determine advertising ROI.

After 12 individual interviews with department managers, and other HealthStream staff, the AdWords campaign was launched. We developed a lead tracking strategy and executed with the assistance of the website development firm.

For the first time in its history, HealthStream can now accurately track inbound sales, ROI and other key performance metrics which has been critical in maximizing their advertising budget. By the end of January, 2015, the company reached an all-time-high for inbound sales while allocating the smallest marketing budget in three years.