Case Study

Rocketnode Case Study

Rocketnode, founded by CEO Lane Romano, is a prominent marketplace offering game-hosting solutions for popular titles.

Eustis Brewery Project Case Study

Eustis Brewery Project is a Florida-based brewing company that produces a range of beers. The company sought a logo design that would capture the essence of its brand and create a strong visual identity that would resonate with consumers.

AVPS Website Restructure and Redesign Case Study

AVPS is a premier payment processing solutions provider for diverse organizations and businesses throughout the United States.

BeeSeen Solutions collaborates with SIRK Productions

MYOB Fashion was created by Jelena Obradovic. Her goal was to bring progress into the fashion industry, creating a brand that was truly innovative and unique. Her main products are 100% high silicone bodysuits, available in different bright colors and decorated with different graphic illustrations.

BeeSeen Solutions Social Media Strategy to Help International Pianist Reach 1M Video

Hailed as “a strong personality with technique and power to spare” (Philadelphia Inquirer), Micah McLaurin is a leading pianist of his generation.


CertaPro Painters Franchise Reaches Revenue Milestone Working with BeeSeen Solutions

We could not be happier with the results and support we continue to receive from Patrick and his team at BeeSeen Solutions. They are the word “Partner ” in every way.

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CollaborationRoom is a life saver

How BeeSeen Solutions used CollaborationRoom ( to engage with team members to drive higher levels of Communication, Performance, and Compliance


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BeeSeen Solutions pricing is very competitive— it pays for itself.


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Working with BeeSeen Solutions has been nothing short of a pleasure

New Project 21

Freight Transportation

Website Traffic Increased 150%

Averitt Express provides freight transportation and trucking services that range from Mexico to Canada. Campaign goals were simple: (1) provide first-page search engine rankings for relevant search phrases and (2) provide an international presence expanding beyond US Borders.
As new keyword rankings were captured, search-based exposure increase. Traffic to the website grew by nearly 150% in under six month due to on-target search engine rankings. Rankings include transportation phrases within the US, Canada and Mexico.

New Project 22

Manufacturing Firm

130 First-Page Keywords

Providence is a multibillion dollar manufacturing firm based in Hong Kong. With limited exposure in the United States, The team was contracted to help use digital media to secure new business and partnerships. The campaign consists of SEO, content marketing and social media.
Having launched in November, 2013 with zero search engine visibility, the website now benefits from over 150 active keyword rankings of which 130 are first-page ranked. While Providence does not share backend financial details with the team, they have confirmed that multiple major contracts have been landed as a result of their website presence.

New Project 24

Healthcare Conglomerate

Website traffic increased by 4,000 visitors/month

UHS is the largest healthcare conglomerate in the Southern-Tier region of New York. We were tasked with two primary goals being: (1) outrank their primary competitor Lourdes who had a stronger search-based presence. (2) Expand their presence from two base locations to a larger geographical region including over ten cities.
Within two months UHS overtook the #1 spot on Google for their primary target keyword (Binghamton hospital). Currently UHS now populates the first 5 rankings (#1 – #5). Over the course of two years, the volume of active search engine rankings moved up from 100 to over 500. Search rankings were capture for over 12 cities and counties ranging over a 100 mile radius and crossing state lines. Search-based traffic increased by 4,000 unique visitors per month with an estimated revenue increase of $3 million/year in new patient relations.

New Project 25

Healthcare Training & Certification

All Time High for Sales

HealthStream is the largest provider of healthcare training and certification services, facilitating tens of thousands of medical professionals. Their income model is based on B2B ecommerce, capturing online sales from major healthcare organizations.
Dissatisfied with their prior PPC manager, Healthstream was seeking a new partner to bring in additional intelligence and analytics to their Google AdWords campaign. With a target budget exceeding $200,000 annually, we were asked to (1) Manage an optimized, efficient AdWords campaign and (2) integrate sales lead tracking capabilities to determine advertising ROI.
After 12 individual interviews with department managers, and other HealthStream staff, the AdWords campaign was launched. We developed a lead tracking strategy and executed with the assistance of the website development firm. For the first time in its history, HealthStream can now accurately track inbound sales, ROI and other key performance metrics which has been critical in maximizing their advertising budget. By the end of January, 2015, the company reached an all-time-high for inbound sales while allocating the smallest marketing budget in three years.

New Project 26

Large Law Firm

100% Increase in Leads

Our online marketing team was hired to assist a prominent law firm improve the effectiveness of their advertising and increase the quality and quantity of organic search traffic.
Given the firm’s practice area specialization, our team optimized the Website for important target keywords and launched a highly successful link building campaign to increase the overall authority of the Website. We also assisted with the development of a blog marketing campaign to increase the number of pages on the Website and highlight valuable “long tail keywords”.
Google Analytics and Call Tracking were installed on the Web site to track phone calls from online and offline sources and better evaluate the return on investment of all online and offline marketing investments.
By updating the Web site, increasing the quality of traffic, focusing on specific keywords and improving the onsite conversion rate, we were able to increase overall leads by 100% without increasing their current marketing budget.

New Project 27

Business Funding Company

10% Click Through Rate / 20% Conversion Rate

Our Online Marketing team was hired to assist an alternative financing company specializing in business cash advances and working capital solutions optimize their pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign. According to Google, the average click-through rate (CTR) on AdWords paid search ads is 2%.
In our second month managing the PPC Campaign, the click through rate (CTR) for our search campaign was 9.85 percent. 327 visitors came to the Website via PPC advertising. The Company received 13+ calls and 51+ on-site contact form submissions to PPC advertising during the month.
In other words, of the 327 visitors to the Company page via PPC advertising, 64 or nearly 20% were calling or submitting a form.
We have been able to sustain similar results for the Client and have seen a steady increase in our PPC management budget as a result of the Company’s success converting leads to loans.

New Project 29

Moving and Storage Company

72% Increase in Traffic

Our online marketing team was hired to assist a moving and storage company with search engine optimization and reduce dependence on pay per click marketing as the primary lead generation source.
Using on-site and local SEO strategies, as well as a well-coordinated linkbuilding campaign to improve site authority, we were able to position our client on page one of Google for 80 percent of its best converting terms.
To evaluate the value of the organic traffic, we used the average cost per click (CPC) of related search terms used in their PPC Campaign and determined the monthly traffic value generated from search engine optimization is over $50,000 per month.
SEO resulted in 72 percent increase in organic traffic from non-branded terms (search terms other than company name).

New Project 28

Property Company

41 Keywords on Page 1

Our online marketing team was engaged by a large residential real estate development company located in the Northeast to improve search engine optimization and optimize their pay per click marketing efforts.
We completed a comprehensive Website audit, identifying many page errors, missing title and description tags and lost opportunities for keyword optimization. We were asked to manage a blog for the company publishing new content 2x monthly and are pursuing an aggressive linkbuilding and content marketing campaign to compete more effectively online.
Within 12 months, the client has 41 keywords ranking in the top 10 and 87 in the top 20 of Google. Organic traffic has increased by 50% year over year.
On the PPC side, the company has a very high click through rate (between 5% and 7%) and by segmenting ads and A/B testing various ad groups, our client is achieving a markedly lower cost per click and cost per conversion.

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